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At Young Life's 21 properties in the United States and Canada, kids are treated to premier facilities for which Young Life has become known. All around the world, Young Life camping is about kids getting away from the pressures of everyday life, having fun with friends and their leaders and hearing the message of God's love in terms they can understand. Kids enjoy a variety of activities with their leaders. Depending on what’s offered at each property, some examples include a ropes course, mountain biking, tubing and horseback riding. Throughout the week there are all-camp activities like club, and there’s also plenty of free time. Delicious meals are served three times a day and kids and leaders stay in comfortable cabins. Each year, more than 74,000 kids around the world spend a week or a weekend at Young Life camp, having an experience that many describe as the best week of their lives.


Kids go to Young Life camps during the summer with their leader, who is also their friend and mentor. Leaders who accompany students to camp are selected, trained and supervised on the local level by Young Life staff that work out of a local area office. Throughout the year, Young Life leaders volunteer their time during the week at sports games and afternoon activities—getting to know students as friends. Kids get together regularly at a meeting/activity called Young Life Club. With these experiences as the backdrop, kids are invited to camp by their leaders for the “best week of their lives.” Young Life camping is designed to be a component of the entire mission of mentoring and not simply an isolated instance or experience. Kids come home at the end of the camp week, and their leaders are still there with them and a part of their lives.



This summer we are taking Topeka kids on FOUR different camp trips!!!
WRHS, SHHS, and Capernaum will be going to
Crooked Creek Ranch in Fraser, CO July 22-28
HPHS & THS will be going to
Crooked Creek Ranch in Fraser, CO July 29-August 3
WyldLife Middle School Students will head to Clearwater Cove in Lampe, MO June 22-26
YoungLives Teen Mom's and their babies will travel to
Clearwater Cove in Lampe, MO June 11-15
These trips promise to be the best week of a student's life...seriously.  Spots are filling up so get your deposit in soon! 


Crooked Creek Ranch (WRHS, SHHS, Capernaum):  $799

Crooked Creek Ranch (THS and HPHS):  $699 (one day shorter)

Clearwater Cove (WyldLife):  $599

Register and make payment here: 

ALL CAMPS Registration and Payment Link 

Enter your zip code and select camp you wish to attend. 


You can fill out health forms ONLINE!  (Health forms are required for all camps)
Here's how to fill out an online health form:

  • Go to
  • Create an account
  • Fill in the information and click register
  • Click 'create new form'
  • Fill out all pages
  • When finished filling out all the pages, click submit.  It will not let you submit if you have not completed any area of information or you have not signed.

To obtain a physician signature (if needed):

  • Complete and submit the online form above
  • Print the physician signature form
  • Have your physician sign and fax the completed form (the number is on the form)
  • The fax will automatically be connected with the online form
  • The form is now completed for the trip leader and the camp office to view

Crooked Creek Ranch July 22-28 Documents:

Camping Health Consent and Release Form (YL-6007)-2.pdfCamping Health Consent and Release Form

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