Mulch Madness

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Have your landscape mulched and help send kids to camp!

How It Works:

Your landscaping budget goes a lot further than just your yard!

  • We purchase, deliver and apply mulch for you.
  • After delivery, you pay Young Life the amount for the Mulch Cost (we do not make any money on the sale of the mulch) + a donation for camp scholarships.
  • Your donation helps sends kids from our community to Young Life Camp to experience "the best week of their life!"

YOU get mulch. KIDS go to camp.

Cost of Mulch:

Cypress Mulch: $2.15/Bag

Brown, Black, or Red Mulch: $2.60/Bag

* All Mulch comes in 2 cubic foot bags and prices include sales tax.

Scholarship Donation Amounts for kids to get to Camp:

  • 1/4 Scholarship:   $150
  • 1/2 Scholarship:   $300
  • Full Scholarship:   $600
  • Two Scholarships:   $1200
    *(We suggest a donation Of at least $3/bag delivered and spread.  These are suggested donation amounts.  We want you to give what you desire.)

When Is This Available?

When you register, pick a desired time frame that fits you best, and we will contact you to set up a delivery date.

Option #1:  Saturday, April 7th  (Registration closed for this date.)
Option #2:  Saturday, April 14th

* To help with delivery and transportation of kids, we have designated April 7th as our preferred date for SE Addresses and April 14th for NW and NE Addresses.

Register Here:

Registration is closed for our dates for 2018.  Thanks!


How many bags do I need?

  • One 2 cubic foot bag will cover approximately 12 square feet 2 inches deep.

Is there a limit to what I can order?

  • No limit to what you can order! 

Do I need to be home?

  • Nope! You are more than welcome to be home and meet the kids that mulch your yard, but you don't have to be! We can do it for you while you are away as long as you give us details if you have special preferences or requests.

How do I schedule a Mulch job at my house?

  • Pick a date on the registration form with the number of bags that you would like, and you will be good to go!  We will contact you by e-mail the week of your scheduled date.

Can I have my business mulched?

  • Yes! We can mulch for churches and small businesses!

When do I pay?

  • You can send in your payment once you receive the emailed invoice. Our office administrator will email you an invoice to the email you provide on the Order Form.

How do I pay?

  • Once you receive your emailed invoice, you can send in a check to the Topeka Young Life office for the amount that covers your mulch cost and whatever donation amount you choose to give.

Can I just pay when the Mulch Crew is at my house?

  • We appreciate your willingness to do that. Unfortunately, for accounting purposes, we need you to hold on to your check until you receive your invoice in your email.

Can I have students spread mulch or ground covering that I provide myself?

  • Yes!  If you have a specific type of mulch or ground covering that you would like to purchase yourself and have us spread, just put that on the order form and choose one of the dates that fits you best.  You can then just make a donation for the labor and help kids get to camp!

Questions?  Call or e-mail Evan Robinson at 785.640.1949 or


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